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2023 Fair Book

Download the 2023 Fair Book

Click the link below

The Black & White Photo class was left out of the 2023 fair book. If anyone wishes to enter photo in Black and White, they will be accepted.
Please use the 2022 Fair Book: View

2023 Fair Schedule


9:00am: Judging Various Departments

12:00pm: Food Concessions Open

*** 1:00-6:00 PM ONLY - LIVESTOCK ACCEPTED ***

3:00pm: Exhibits Open

3:00pm: Rides and Games Open

5:30pm: Weigh-In Garden Tractor Pull (Wally Road)

6:00pm: Opening Ceremony and Introduction of Queen and Court (Show Tent, Central Park)

6:30pm: Garden Tractor Pull (Wally Road)

7:00pm: Rising Star Martial Arts Demonstration (Show Tent, Central Park)


7:30am: Weigh-In Livestock Club Market Animals

12:00pm: Exhibits Open

12:00pm: Games, Rides, and Food Concessions Open

3:00pm: L-P Jr. & Sr. High School Bands (Stage, W. Main Street)

3:30pm: L-P Jr. High School Choir (Stage, W. Main Street)

4:00pm: L-P Sr. High School Choir (Stage, W. Main Street)

5:00pm: Weigh-In Truck Pulls (Wally Road)

5:00pm: The Shining Light Fellowship Choir (Stage, W. Main Street)

6:00pm: Livestock Market Lamb Show, followed by Breeding Sheep, Non-Sale Market Lamb Show (Show Tent, Central Park)

6:30pm: Truck Pulls (Wally Road)

6:30pm: Pie Auction and Cake Contest, sponsored by Stake's IGA (Corner of Main and Water Street)

7:30pm: Callunaw Rednecks (Stage, W. Main Street)


10:00am: Market Steer Show, followed by Breeding Beef Show, Feeder Calf Show, and Dairy Feeder Steers (Show Tent, Central Park)

12:00pm: Exhibits Open

12:00pm: Games, Rides, and Food Concessions Open

3:00pm: Market Hog Show (Show Tent, Central Park)

4:00pm: Kiddie Pedal Pulls (Front of Police Dept., N. Water Street)

4-6:00pm: WQIO SuperQ 93.7 Broadcasting Live!

8:00pm: Kentucky Headhunters (Stage, W. Main Street)


10:00am: Show & Go Poultry, Rabbit Show, followed by Costume Show (Show Tent, Central Park)

10-5:00pm: Log Cabin Open

11:00am: Showman to Showman

11:00am: Weigh-In Tractors (Wally Road)

12:00pm: Exhibits Open

12:00pm: Games, Rides, and Food Concessions Open

12:00pm: Antique Tractor Pulls (Wally Road)

12:00pm: Dairy Show (Show Tent, Central Park)

2:00pm: Show & Go Goat Show, followed by Jack Benny Show (Show Tent, Central Park)

5:00pm: Weigh-In Tractors (Wally Road)

5:00pm: TRCXP (Stage, W. Main Street)

7:00pm: Tractor Pulls (Wally Road)

8:00pm: The Lovedays (Stage, W. Main Street)


9:30am: Introduction of Special Guests, Presentation of Trophies, and Presentation of the Kettering Awards (Show Tent, Central Park)

10:00am: Loudonville Livestock Club Auction (Show Tent, Central Park)

12:00pm: Exhibits Open

12:00pm: Games, Rides, and Food Concessions Open

1:00pm: Cedar Valley Cloggers (Stage, W. Main Street)

2:00pm: Shining Stars Dance Studio (Stage, W. Main Street)

5:00pm: Tightrope (Stage, W. Main Street)


Porta Pot Locations:

Wally Road

Tractor Pull Site (Fair Barn)

Behind Jr. Fair Tent

Restroom Facilities:

124 South Brentwood Drive

WZLP 96.1 FM -

Streaming Loudonville's Radio Station

Broadcasting Live from the Merchants' Tent:

Tuesday, October 3, from 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Wednesday, October 4, from 5:00 - 7:00pm

Thursday, October 5, from 5:00 - 7:00pm

Friday, October 6, from 5:00 - 7:00pm

Saturday, October 7, at the Livestock Sale from 10:00am - Noon


Antique Farm Machinery Displays - N. Water Street

Fire Prevention Posters - Jr. Fair Tent

Senior Citizens Rest Area - The Golden Center, Loudonville Public Library

Mohican Historical Society Museum - open Thursday - Saturday 2-8:00pm


Tuesday from 3:00 - 10:00pm

Wednesday through Saturday from 12:00 - 10:00pm

Pricing to be determined

The Loudonville Fair Financial Report is available in the office upon request

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